Iron Sharpens Iron - Wilmington, NC

Iron Sharpens Iron - Wilmington, NC

National Equipping Conference

College Acres Baptist Church - 702 Eastwood Rd, Wilmington, NC 28403, USA

The Iron Sharpens Iron National One-Day Equipping Conference includes two World Class Keynote Speakers specifically for men.  There are 16 seminars from the Best of the Best in Men’s Ministry (see a partial list of the seminars at the end of the page).  Masculine style worship and Exhibitors with resources just for men.  This conference is for men of all ages: Emerging Men (13-19), Pioneering Men (20-29), Full Throttle Men (30-55), Seasoned Men (55+).  This one day equipping conference held each year provides vital resources designed to help the church reach and build their men.  Training and equipping local churches is the heartbeat of the regional ministry that host the Iron Sharpens Iron National One Day Equipping Conference.

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Keynote Speakers:

Brett Clemmer -  Brett is President of Man in the Mirror. He helped establish and was the first Director of the Leadership Training Center (LTC) at Man in the Mirror. LTC is a leadership development program that trains leaders from churches around the country to reach men effectively. His passion is to make the church relevant to younger men and men on the fringe.  Brett has been with Man in the Mirror since 2000. He speaks at many different men’s events, conferences, workshops and training programs around the country. He is the co-author with Patrick Morley and David Delk of No Man Left Behind: How to Build and Sustain a Thriving Disciple-Making Ministry for Every Man in Your Church

Dr. Joe Martin is an award-winning international speaker, author, educator, and certified “man builder.”He’s authored or co-authored nine books, including Are You the Man: 201 Lessons I Wish My Dad Would Have Taught Me, The Real Man Spiritual Leader Blueprint, and Gifts & Handkerchiefs: A Lesson in Servant Leadership.Joe has spoken for more than 750 businesses, organizations, churches, colleges & universities, and K-12 schools/districts, and he was voted “National Speaker of the Year” by the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities. He’s also the host of “Real Men Connect,” the #1 top-rated radio podcast on iTunes for Christian Men.

Early Group Registration:  $44.00  (10 or more tickets greater than 10 days before event)
Early Registration:  $49.00  (greater than 10 days before event)
Late Registration: $59.00 (within 10 days of event)
Full-time Student (13-22 yrs old) and Active Duty Military:  $29.00
Lunch Optional: $8.00 (must be purchased 10 days before event)

PLEASE NOTE:  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON REGISTRATIONS.  Speakers have committed to ISI.  However, due to unforeseen circumstances, substitutions may need to occur.  During the conference video and still photographs are taken.  Registration constitutes permission for ISI or network ministries to use video and photos taken on site.  ISI Conferences will be held regardless of weather conditions.  Consequently, there are no refunds due to weather related

10 Reasons Why I Should Bring My Son To ISI:  Great Father and Son Opportunity … ISI is a great FATHER AND SON experience, ISI has breakout sessions specifically designed for Teens, Plenty of great Bible teaching at Men’s ISI Conferences, Other Christian Teens are at ISI with their Dads, Your teenage son will be spiritually challenged and encouraged at ISI, We have a great worship band at ISI, The ISI experience is one he will remember for years, ISI is a good reason to turn off their cell phone for Eight Hours! An ISI conference is better than any video game, ISI conferences are something you can do with your Son EVERY YEAR.

Current Breakout Sessions: (More being added)

A Day In The Life Of Living Godly Excellence In A Mediocre World:  Real applications that can develop guy into a man.  Living victorious as a disciplined man.  What are the challenges of doing so and how to overcome them?  (Emerging Men)

Women - WHAT was God thinking?   We are made to connect with women. In every way.  And for thousands of years, good men have been on the losing end trying to figure it out.  Seeking validation from women, running after the counterfeits, falling into all sorts of sexual “stuff”, leading many of us to a life of quiet desperation.  THERE IS FREEDOM.  And it’s not about trying harder.  Let’s talk about the heart of the matter and what victory looks like.

Addressing the #1 Sin of the Church - Porn in the Pew:  This session will offer real answers to the porn epidemic in the church: (a) a 90-day recovery plan, (b) the ‘Recovery Pyramid,” (c) a church action plan, and (d) a plan to safeguard your staff. Each attendee will receive a free copy of Dr. Denison’s groundbreaking book, Porn in the Pew.

Being Equipped for the Mission Field of the 21st Century:  As a Christian, what do you need to do to prepare yourself for evangelism in the 21 st century?  What does the 21st century mission field look like?  With the growing influence of secularism and the shift in Western society toward a post-Christian worldview, believers today need to be prepared to answer challenging questions and objections from an increasingly skeptical world.  This equipping session will give you a starting point toward understanding the importance of Christian Apologetics in reaching a lost culture.

Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets
As a young man, I wish someone would've told me that my daily decisions would result in becoming the man I am today. In this session, we'll use real life examples and the Bible to take a look at the large and small decisions we make on a daily basis to understand the impact they will have on our future. When we understand the importance of our decisions, that knowledge will lead to a life of fewer regrets. I wish someone would have told me my daily decisions would have an impact on the man I am today. (Emerging Men)

The 5 Things Every Kingdom Man Needs:  In this session, men will learn the 5 essential things every Christian man needs in order to win at what matters most when it comes to being a kingdom man. Each man will walk away with a strategic "game plan" to apply and take action on everything he learns in this session.

Becoming A Father-Figure For The Next Generation:  Come explore what has made you the father that you are today.  Lets discuss the biblical mandate for fathers and see how we can apply it to this and the next generations.

Men’s Ministry That Works 101:  Everyman a Warrior is designed to help men battle the daily struggles that we face as men.  It helps you learn how to walk intimately with the Lord (having that One on one relationship.  It also helps men learn what their role as a Godly Father and a Godly husband looks like.  And finally, it also helps men learn through Scripture how to deal with every other battle we face as men, such as- money, sex, work, going through hard times and making our lives count.

You’ve Retire – Your Ministry Has Just Begun:  You are nearing retirement, or you have retired, and you are wondering what to do now.  Join us to discuss how you can use your life experience to help future generations. (Full Throttle & Seasoned Men)

How to Cherish Your Wife - Without Spending a Fortune:  A key component of a great marriage relationship is when a wife feels cherished and valued by her husband, when she knows that he views her as a priceless treasure – a person of high worth and value. This seminar will present several practical ways a husband can cherish his wife on a daily basis…without spending a fortune.

No Man Left Behind:  This session is designed for leaders or men who want to be leaders. It will give an overview of a model of men’s discipleship that reaches every man in your church, and answer some of the toughest problems leaders face in their quest to help men become passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

Pastoring Men in the 21st Century:  This session is designed for pastors lead by a pastor to explore how to reach men in today’s culture.    Men who have a passion to be men ministry leaders may also find this session beneficial.

Keys to Leaving a Grandfather Legacy:  The intent of this session is to give you helpful ideas (Keys) to leaving a legacy and then give you the space where you can develop to become the best Grandfather any grandchild would love to have.  (Full Throttle & Seasoned Men)

Keeping Satan Out of Your Bedroom:  Do you ever feel like the enemy has ever key to unlock dysfunction in your marriage? What if I told you, that we might not just allow him to do so but that sometimes we roll out the red carpet and invite him in? In this session we will focus on practical ways to keep him out of our bedrooms, our marriages and to prevent him from dividing our homes.

Surviving & Thriving Beyond Your Divorce: Though divorce creates untold pain and suffering, healing is God’s plan for every divorced man.  This seminar takes men’s distinctive journeys loss and suffering into account, offering a balance of empathy, understanding, encouragement, inspiration and aspiration to move forward to become resilient, strong and wise men in our World.

You’ve Retire – Your Ministry Has Just Begun:  You are nearing retirement, or you have retired, and you are wondering what to do now.  Join us to discuss how you can use your life experience to help future generations.   (Full Throttle & Seasoned Men)

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College Acres Baptist Church - 702 Eastwood Rd, Wilmington, NC 28403, USA